Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Glass beads Vs. Stones

When I just started my jewelry business a few years ago I was only buying semi precious stones for my jewelry. And I still buy them a lot, but since I tried Czech glass beads for the first time I was totally hooked. The reason is very simple. I like to make earrings and being almost perfectionist I want to use exactly the same size and shape of stones for that. So in average half of each strand of stones I buy is not good for earrings because stones are slightly different or drilled in differently and therefore can't be used. When I discovered all beautiful Czech glass beads from Artbeads I was so happy that I finally could use each of them without worrying how to match them and how many pairs I can get.

They come in all different colors, shapes and size. Look at this beautiful Teal Picasso Drops that look exactly like turquoise stone. Now I am very happy with my earrings and especially with my matching process. I buy all possible colors and it's very easy now to satisfy my customers' needs.

Disclosure: I received the products from http://artbeads.com/ free of charge and I have not been paid for my endorsement of the products and I have honestly reviewed their products .