Thursday, June 21, 2012

Shawl Pin Giveaway by Ingo

This shawl pin is made with 16 gauge German silver wire and sage green with a hint of blue lampwork glass bead and small accent Czech glass bead.
It's 2"(5.0cm) long and 1 3/8"(3.0cm) across.

Please note that German silver contains nickel and has no silver in it. It's lead free.

Please note this Giveaway is extended until September 20, 2012.

Please read through, many people are not entering as required and won't be counted.

How to enter:

1. Please visit my website section of Shawl Pins and choose any shawl pin that you like.

2. Copy and paste shawl pin's URL - (the whole link from , for example ) and feature this pin on your blog or website. Please DO NOT link to this Blog - this is not considered an entry for this giveaway.

3. Please include 'Shawl Pin by Ingo Jewelry' in your Blog post title.

4. Come back here and leave a comment including a link to your post. Please include your email address so I'd be able to contact you if you win.

Please note:

* Only Blog or website posts will be considered as a valid entry to this draw.
* Featuring this Giveaway only is not considered a valid entry for the Draw.

* If you remove your Blog post by the end of this Giveaway thus making your link invalid your name won't be entered.

The draw ends on
September 20, 2012 and a winner will be announced by posting a comment from me here.

Thanks and good luck.