Monday, April 6, 2009

How to add your business to Google Local Business Center

Adding your business to your local Google Maps can bring your local customers right to you if you list your business in local Google Maps.

It can be done in 10 min and here is how:

1. Type or (or Google of your country)

2. Click on 'Put your business on Google Maps' on the left side of your screen

3. You might be asked to login to your google account.

4. After login you will be navigated to 'Enter Business Information' screen. Please note that you need to provide a full name of your business as it says in your business card or any other promotional items you distribute along with your products in field of 'Company/Organization:' Also provide a short description in this field in order for your business to be searched by key words.

For example: mine looks like 'Ingo Jewelry - Unique handcrafted sterling silver wire jewelry'

5. Enter all additional information in other sections.

6. In Photos section you can add max 10 images (Though I couldn't figure out what sizes are acceptable, however I added my business card image)

7. After submitting you will be navigated to confirmation page. In order to activate your listing you will be asked to confirm that by a SMS or a call. Follow the instructions as per your selections and you will be notified that your listing has been confirmed.

It may take one day for your listing to appear in your search.

To test your listing go to (or other country of yours) and type key words along with your city/region location.

If you don't see your listing in your results try to edit Company/Organization: field.

How to edit your listing after submission:

1. Type again or (or Google of your country) and click on 'Put your business on Google Maps' on the left side of your screen.

2. You will be navigated to your listing summary page where you can select Edit to update/change your listing.

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michele said...

Thanks for the information. This sounds like a great idea.