Friday, December 18, 2009

My Cubic Zirconia Discovery

I always hunt for new stones and beads and each time I discover something new. My future goal is to travel to India to find a nice collection of stones and shapes that hard to find in Toronto.
But meantime I am still here and trying to find interesting addition to my wirework jewelry in Toronto and US.
Lately, I have discovered a beauty of cubic zirconia. You can find my first set of lariat necklace and earrings in my shop.
To my surprise I was offered to review some collection of Cubic Zirconia from ArtBeads that was sent to me free of charge. I was so thrilled to have them added to my beaded treasury. Though I have been so busy with this Holiday season, I couldn’t resist and decided at least to have one piece of jewelry made with this stone. I selected one particular stone which came in light amethyst color and designed a necklace with sterling silver wire that I oxidized for more drama and character. I am not a professional photographer and I did my best to show off a beauty of this bead. It’s a long drop faceted so uniquely that you can see color darkens at the tip of drop which adds so much elegance and luxurious.

Besides that I received amazing Cubic Zirconia beads from ArtBeads, I have also enjoyed their customer service and really responsive replies to all my questions. Special thanks to Duchess Erickson.

Disclosure: I received the products from free of charge and I have not been paid for my endorsement of the products and I have honestly reviewed their products .


CathyH said...

This is really pretty!

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