Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What's in your scrap?

With current prices on sterling silver I decided finally to send my scrap for credit and buy sterling silver wire instead. But before that I had once again to go through and evaluate my scrap pieces again. I found a lot of pieces of wire that I can re-use again.
I have collected 87 gr of sterling silver scrap and I think that being a self taught artist for 2.5 years this is not that bad.

By nature I am a person who likes to make something out of nothing. So, once in awhile I grab all my leftovers and make it into a new piece of jewelry. For that all you need is
1. Nylon jaw pliers for fine gauges.
2. Rawhide mallet for heavier gauges.
3. To be in creative mood.

With 20 gauge leftovers I made once those earrings and will all 22, 24 and even 26 gauges I made this beautiful necklaces. Even length of 12-13mm in length might work in design like that.

What your scrap looks like? Can you re work your wires? Try once it's a lot of fun too.


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