Friday, June 25, 2010

Another brilliant design idea

I was in the middle of new necklace design when I found out that one of link of my new chunky chain was totally defective and I had to cut that off which left me with one useless piece of chain.
I hate it when I need to waste my materials and I was looking for how to make something interesting our of this short piece of chain.
Likely, I had my new Charms I got from ArtBeads and other nice mini lampwork beads. By adding wrapped lampwork beads and chain extender I made it for the average size bracelet with adjustable length. The rest was done by adding gorgeous sterling silver charms from Artbeads.
What a surprise? I fell in love with this bracelet and next day it was listed in my Etsy shop. Now it is looking for a new owner.
Disclosure: I received the products from free of charge and I have not been paid for my endorsement of the products and I have honestly reviewed their products .

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Sherri said...

A great idea for recycling. I'm gonna get right on it!